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previous Design Briefs, schedules, reports and our learnings and research initiatives from recent projects


previous Design Briefs, schedules, reports
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Using previous Design Briefs, schedules, reports and our learningsand research initiatives from recent projects

Over the past decade ADS Architects have embarked on a mission to enhance the standard of residential living across various scales. We see design as an evolving process that responds to the city,  the neighbourhood and the individual. Our projects include urban design and master planning, social and affordable housing, apartments and houses, student accommodation, seniors living, workplace, public buildings, and education. Our projects reflect the diversity of their situations while being underpinned by a familial approach to process and the knitting together of a refined urban fabric.


The use of BIM enables our projects to be established in three dimensions, creating a Virtual Building. This allows multiple disciplines to collaboratively apply their expertise to the Design. The ‘Visualisation’ of an evolving plan means that alternatives are canvassed for faster decision making. The entire design process becomes more efficient and streamlined as all parties are aware of their position within the Project.  With the aid of BIM and 3D Modelling Management, a wider set of stakeholders – such as clients, staff, executives and management – have the opportunity to engage in and create a vision, at a much earlier stage than what would have been possible in the past.

All our Designers work from the one collaborative BIM model, enabling them to more efficiently integrate designs with consultants. We are able to visually identify points of conflict between Construc­tion Elements, Building Services and Regulations.

This ability to preemptively avoid clashes significantly benefits a technically complex project. Our ability to use BIM on projects provides a resolution with simplicity and speed, while integrating client information, consultant coordination and a strong edge in detailed design. The result is a value engineered, coordinated design with conflict detection of on-site issues well in advance of the construction timeline, allowing resolution to occur before site works even begin. BIM – 3D modelling allows for a stream-lined construction process with significantly improved time coordination and on-site cost reductions.


ADS’s project coordination service frees our design team to do what they do best: design. Our in-house service operates seamlessly with the design product. Our dedicated BIM Manager works closely with the design & documentation team focusing on the delivery process from inception to completion, achieving the optimum design solution within fixed parameters. Project coordination addresses the full range of the delivery process, including authorities’ submission requirements, services coordination & value engineering. We employ various tools to review deliverables, controlling project delivery against the objectives of time and design suitability. Pavlo, one of the principals of the firm is passionate about structural systems & works closely with project engineers to provide economic structural design to minimise transfers & project costs.


The Value Engineering process is an integral part the design stage of a new or progressing development aimed at increasing value. Concentrating on maximising the project’s function while minimizing cost generates the greatest value for our clients.

An important part of the value engineering planning process is the workshop. We have achieved significant project benefits through regular value engineering workshops with clients like Decode & Alliance Project Group who are experienced in large scale and complex development projects. Held during the design phase of the project, the value engineering workshop involves our BIM & Design team who review the proposed project, perform a functional analysis of the facility, obtain the owner’s definition of value,
define key criteria for the project, and offer alternative solutions for the project. The team at ADS has a passion for value engineering as it not only provides a more cost-effective building solution for our clients but also often increasers overall usable space within the building envelope.