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Our highly talented team is drawn from more than 8 nations and being an equal opportunity employer, we value and embrace our employees’ ideas, differences and cultures. The international backgrounds of our staff help us retain a global outlook and network of partners whilst retaining our unique Australian design attitude.

We recruit, engage and develop outstanding people from a wide range of backgrounds and skills. This helps us understand, and respond to, the diverse needs of the clients and communities that we assist.

ADS Leadership

Mohamed brings 20 years of extensive experience across residential, commercial, retail and industrial architectural projects, development planning and rezoning. He has worked worldwide and has architectural expertise has spanned across 5 countries.

Mohamed provides not only innovative and outstanding designs across residential commercial retail and industrial architectural projects. His expertise allows for clarity and insight into town planning land and property zoning, local urban design limitations and the assessment of technical conditions across a range of new and current building designs.

Mohamed El-Dardeiry

Managing Director

Amr, co-founder of ADS, has been the backbone of the firm from its inception. Instrumental in sculpting the company’s foundation, he architected the robust management systems that have become the cornerstone of handling large-scale architectural projects with finesse.

As a qualified Structural Engineer with a Master’s degree in Structure, Amr’s expertise infuses ADS with a blend of visionary leadership and technical excellence. His strategic foresight and structural acumen ensure that every project stands on a solid foundation of innovation and precision.

Amr El-Darawy

Chief Executive Officer

In the vibrant tapestry of ADS’s leadership, Sumaya Moushumi stands out as an exemplar of architectural mastery and vision. Her ascent to Company Principal is a testament to her profound impact sinc2e joining the firm in 2014. With a rich 15-year tenure in Sydney’s architectural sector, Sumaya’s command over complex projects, especially those demanding in-depth knowledge of the DBP Act and Class 2 developments, is exceptional.

Her expertise transcends the conventional bounds of architecture, delving into intricate value engineering and adept project management. From initiating blueprints to orchestrating the final construction phases, Sumaya navigates the entire architectural symphony with an assured touch. Her ability to address tender queries and manage site construction is executed with a precision that harmonizes the firm’s aspirations with tangible outcomes.

Sumaya’s repertoire extends to navigating the nuanced corridors of specialized applications, including legal and court proceedings, adding layers to her role as Company Principal. Under her guidance, ADS is poised to not just build structures but to craft legacies of sustainable and innovative design.

Sumaiya Moushumi



Lilian Krasnowski, ADS’s Nominated Architect and Projects Director, brings a wealth of experience with over two decades in the architectural field. Her journey, beginning with a Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism from UniRitter, Brazil, has led her across continents, culminating in her current leadership role. A Registered Architect in NSW, she has been pivotal in ADS’s growth, managing diverse projects with skill and finesse.

Her approach combines innovative design with strategic foresight, orchestrating projects that resonate with both aesthetic and functional brilliance. With a background in Architecture and Urbanism, she’s adept at transforming initial concepts into reality, ensuring each structure contributes positively to its environment.

Her leadership transcends traditional project management, as she embeds sustainability and community enhancement into the DNA of every endeavor. In her hands, projects not only meet the expectations but serve as benchmarks for architectural excellence. Lilian’s influence also extends to cultivating a vibrant office culture, where her advocacy for well-being through yoga aligns with her philosophy of mindful and purpose-driven design.

Lilian Krasnowski

Nominated Architect

ads Design team

Gabriela is working at ADS as graduate of architecture.

Gabriela became part of the group in 2018 and since then has been working across a number of projects especially mixed use and residential. During these years has gained experience working with technical documentation for construction using building information modelling as main tool to provide efficiency, fast solutions and great design.

Having graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil, studied Landscape Architecture in Hungary and Building Design in Australia makes her expand horizons, learn more about different cultures and architectural techniques.

Gabriela is always looking for new challenges, experiences and skills. She seeks to continuous improvement to evolve professionally and personally and intends to make the most out of every learning experience.

Gabriela Linces

Project Director



With over 13 years of experience as a draftsman Jairo has participated in commercial, residential, and institutional projects around the world. He has acquired knowledge in the different areas of construction, Architecture, MEP systems and structure. In addition, he uses different BIM and CAD software, implementing standards and BIM coordination.

Jairo is as Publicist with a Marketing Degree, from “Fundación Universitaria San Martin” in Colombia. He also is a professional photographer with long experience and certifications. He has translated all his knowledge into architectural visualization and production of graphic pieces for sale and promotion rooms. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family in the Gold Coast.

Jairo Orozco

Senior Draftsman/Visualiser